How We Can Help

How We Can Help


True Honour was formed to offer support and assistance to all those suffering injustice.
We provide confidential one-to-one victim support and training on how to deal with honour based violence and forced marriage.

Don’t suffer in silence. We are here to help you, please get in touch –
  • Are you feeling scared and alone? 
  • Do you feel unsafe in your home? 
  • Are you scared to talk about your problems? 
  • Are you being forced into marriage? 
  • Are you being threatened or blackmailed? 
  • Scared of being banished from your family? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions and would like to talk confidentially please contact Sarb on 07480 621 711 .

We will listen to you in complete confidence and support you. We will not discuss any of your concerns with your family members or friends. 

We can support you and advice you the right options, we will not force you to anything you do not wish to do. We have been where you are today and know what you are experiencing and can fully understand how difficult it is for you. 

Remember you are not alone – we are here to help you. 

Ongoing Support

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We understand each individuals needs and therefore will continue with ongoing support – helping those who need extra support, still feel vulnerable. Supporting today's’ young people understand themselves and know their rights, and ensuring victims with young children are informed of services available to them.

Victims and children will be fully supported in rebuilding their lives and moving forward. Support/Mentoring will be offered in groups or 1 to 1 if preferred.

Support victims to rebuild their lives by making positive and right decisions, their own choices and having their own freedom

Liaise with other Partner Agencies and work in partnerships to help victims

Supporting victims with language barriers and supporting their children through school by additional help and offering counselling where necessary

Art and Poetry workshops offered to young people to understand and express feeling

Helping victims to break the silence and break free from the cycle of abuse

Empowering victims to learn the English language, attend workshops and have an basic understanding of today’s Society – helping them to support their children in school

Improve parenting and have a healthy happy relationship

Allowing victims to find work, make friends and socialise, leading to independence

Supporting victims to lead a better, healthier and happier future!

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