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Sarbjit Athwal

Founder & CEO of True Honour

Survivor of Honour Based Violence. Former Police Community Support Officer, Author of Shamed and Founder & CEO of True Honour. 

SURVIVOR – Sarbjit was just 19 when she got married and moved into the house of her husband's very strict family, which included her mother-in-law, her husband’s brother and his wife. 

Her sister-in-law, Surjit, was more rebellious and, as a consequence, was regularly beaten for her disobedience. When the family found out she was having an affair, drastic actions were taken. They took her to a family wedding in India, where her mother-in-law arranged for her to be drugged, strangled and thrown into a river.

When Sarbjit found out what had happened to her sister-in-law, she was terrified and was told if she said a word, the same thing would happen to her. So she was forced into silence… But the stress nearly killed her and she was rushed into hospital.

Living under threats for many years fear was her normality. Lying in hospital being told it was a matter of life or death. Sarbjit worked behind the family's back and became the Key Witness for the Prosecution in the Murder Trial. Her story is told in ‘Shamed’.
Started her career with the Metropolitan Police Service in 2008 after giving evidence in the murder trial at The Old Bailey. Working within the police force she learnt there was a lack of knowledge and cultural understanding and awareness which made it very difficult for officers to engage and investigate. Sarb assisted other boroughs when dealing with HBV crimes and helped victims to come forward. She also lectured at Hendon Police College.  
AUTHOR OF 'SHAMED' - Will take you through Sarb’s journey and how she survived living in a family who believed Honour was worth more than a womans life. To increase awareness on HBV & FM, a must read for all.

True Honour was founded after breaking the silence and standing up for Justice. Sarb now works with Police Forces around the country to ensure police officers have the right knowledge and understanding when supporting victims of these crimes. As a survivor, Sarb’s first-hand experience and real life trauma is shared with all officers to help them understand HBV and FM, allowing them to fully understand what a victim goes through when living within these circumstances. Key speaker the House of Commons and Conferences. Also works with The Home Office, Local Authorities, Education Sector, and Partner Agencies.
Sarb is very passionate in supporting others and sends out a strong message so other victims do not suffer in the way she did. The only way to achieve this, is by working collaboratively with one another, and to gain a better understanding of the religious and cultural backgrounds of victims.

Sarb’s work has been recognized by many:

2015 - ITV Crime and Investigations
2014 - True Honour Award – IKWRO
2014 Women Of Power Conference– Storm Empowerment
2013 - Bravest Woman Award – Best Magazine 
2013 - Women's Warrior of the Year at the - Cosmopolitan's magazine  
2007 - Bravery and Honesty - Assistant Commissioner New Scotland Yard 
Sarbjit Athwal

Charity Board Trustee

The Board of Trustees are the governing body of our Charity. The Trustees are responsible for:

• Safeguarding the good name and values of the organisation
• Acting in the best interest of the Charity
• The overall policy, direction and control of the organisation
• Shaping strategy
• Ensuring financial stability
• Improving performance.

The Board meets four times a year, in addition to attending meetings, events and conference representing True Honour.

Clive Driscoll - Vice Chair & Trustee

Clive Driscoll retired on 31st May 2014 after completing 34 years 9 months exemplary service with the Metropolitan Police Service. 

He retired as a Detective Chief Inspector and investigated several high profile cases obtaining two convictions in the Stephen Lawrence murder. He became the first police officer to obtain a conviction in an Honour Based Violence murder where nobody has ever been found. The Surjit Athwal murder has been described as a Landmark Case where a conviction was obtained against all odds. 

He has investigated child abuse cases, gang related violence and in 2012 was voted the senior investigator officer in the United kingdom by the Homicide working group. He currently assists victims and victim’s family who feel they have not obtained Justice. His work with a clinic dealing with severe emotional trauma has seen several criminal cases re opened. Has lectured to several police services included Scotland and Ireland. 

The convictions of two suspects within the Stephen Lawrence murder has been hailed as remarkable in both Parliament and the Police service in general. It also brought praise from Baroness Lawrence OBE and Neville Lawrence OBE. He has assisted with several investigations surrounding FGM. 

Clive Driscoll
Mr. Clive Driscoll 

Mr Richard Peirce - Trustee

A career detective for over 30 years exemplary service with the Metropolitan Police, the last 10 years being with the Fraud Squad at New Scotland Yard investigating serious and complex financial crimes. 

He was also the Liaison Officer for at the Serious Fraud Office being responsible for all MPS operations their investigations involved. 

More latterly he has held senior positions in the private sector with recovery audit companies making financial recoveries on behalf of large retail organisations, and has run his own company providing financial crime solutions. 
Clive Driscoll
 Mr. Richard 
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